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14th Feb 08    MAKA said: Thank you for taking the time to leaving feedbasck. It can help us at maka know what you think and what you would like,and give new customers a feel for our products Thank you Mick Kerkham

22nd Feb 08    Ross said: Two chisel rolls. Fast service and excellent quality product. Very pleased with purchase.

23rd Feb 08     said: Hi Mick, The 8 Pocket Electricians Tool Pouch has been worth its weight in gold. My husband has all the \'fiddely bits\' he needs for the job, safely contained in the pouch; what a huge bonus when working inside hot tin roofs or crawling under houses trying to get the electrical cables laid. It is the best \'work present\' I could have bought him. Your workmanship is something you can be very proud of; It is everything any workman could ever need - Strong; Robust & certainly made to last. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards, Ronda

25th Feb 08    chrisso said: great carpenters belt mate, better value for money than any other belt on the market, will do bussiness again.

4th Mar 08    Signwave Moorabbin said: Thankyou for the great service and fast delivery. We use our tool belt and drill holster weekly, they have made life on a ladder more workable. Thankyou

10th Mar 08    Cindy Schafer, Queensland said: After looking at Maka\'s web-site I contacted Mick and asked him to make me a leather work bag. I was confident from the start, because of his knowledge of design and experience in working with leather, that I won\'t be disappointed. My bag was outstanding - excellent! The service was great, the craftman ship second to none and the price was value for money. I have since ordered another bag. If you want a quality Australian made product, look no further.

15th Mar 08    Richard said: Thanks Mick for your help in getting my surveyors bag up and running. Its strong, very comfortable and being purpose built is extremely practical. Being amenable to customer requests is greatly appreciated. No \'Take whats on offer or forget about it\' here.

20th May 08    Sorell Locksmiths said: Regarding the leather work apron - I saw these at a friend\'s shoe repair shop, and really liked the quality and workmanship (I had to have one). Thank you for your fast delivery and courteous service. P.S. I am a \'big\' bloke, and I really appreciate the custom fit for a small extra cost - it was well worth it. I couldn\'t recommend this product highly enough.

26th May 08    Adji Rainow said: I designed utility belts for a survey/fix team. The teams do fix work and collect data in Aboriginal housing (see www.healthabitat.com). I based my concepts on MAKA products not only because their products are exceptional in quality and very reasonably priced but also because they are Australian made. Mick\'s knowledge was also extremely helpful during the design process. MAKA did a great job, accurately customising their belts to my specs. Now the belts are being used to help improve the living conditions in our indigenous communities. Very Happy. Thanks MAKA!

29th May 08    Matt said: Hi Maka, thanks for the prompt service. Tool belt arrived Tuesday. It is a fantastic product & better than anything I could find here in Adelaide. Your craftsmanship is first class & im sure I will get many years of service from it. It is exactly what I\'ve been looking for. Cheers

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