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Maka's Leather Conditioner and Leather Restorer

Maka's Leather Conditioner and Leather Restorer

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Here at Maka HQ we are happy to announce our new range of locally made leather conditioners and leather restorers.
Hand made in Tasmania, with Tasmanian Beeswax and Maka's knowledge of leather, these tins with have your leather feeling, smelling and looking better. 

We recommend using the Conditioner every 6 months, or as required. This will keep the leather hydrated and looking fresh, as well as giving it a lovely finish.

We recommend using the Restorer for older, well worn and dry leather, especially for leather items used often or outdoors, or ones that have never had a polish before. 

- Use sparingly. -Apply with a clean finger or soft cloth. -Allow to permeate. -Buff with a soft brush or towelette. -Store away from sunlight. 

 We don't recommend using these products on the suede side of the leather 

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