MAKA Leathergoods

Handcrafted, high quality leather products. Made in Australia.

The beauty of leather

Leather is a natural product and therefore differs from hide to hide. Variations in the texture of the leather should be considered part the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather.

Leather will always have natural markings such as scars, scratches, wrinkles, fly bites, brands or general blemishes. These natural markings should not be considered as a defect but rather indications of genuine leather.

Once we receive a new batch of hides, we inspect each one before starting your order to assure the quality. We will never send you anything we are not 100% happy with ourselves.

As every piece of leather is different and may accept colour dyes a little differently during the tanning process, this may cause irregularities in the consistency and depth of the colour, so even pieces of a knife roll cut from the same side of leather may differ slightly from each other.

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