August 2020 Update - Emails and Christmas

August 2020 Update - Emails and Christmas

G'day folks!

Just another quick update from the team here at Maka HQ.
Recently we have been having trouble with emails, but thanks to our local IT experts, the issues should now be all fixed!
Unfortunately, all the emails were wiped from our server and while we have had most of the incoming mail restored, we believe some may have slipped through the cracks.
If you have sent us an email within the last week or so and haven't heard anything back, please resend your email to , so we can get back to you as soon as possible.


We know it's early, very early, but we would also like to add a note here about Christmas gifts.
If you are planning on surprising a co-worker, friend or loved one with a one of a kind, Australian leather, Maka product over the holiday season, we strongly recommend trying and get your orders in as early as possible, as well as sending us an email us at after you place your order in the shop (with your order number in the subject line) so we can make a note that it is a holiday order.
We are so grateful for all the orders and the wonderful feedback we receive for what we create, so we strive to provide you with the best quality products in a reasonable time frame. That being said, we are only two people, in a little shed turned workshop here in Tassie.

Thank you for all your continued support throughout this year and years to come.

M & R

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