Mid year update

Mid year update

It has been a very busy year here at Maka HQ.

 Firstly, having a leather apprenticeship reinstated in Tasmania, through Tactile Learning in Queensland, and having my two workers, Rachelle and Søren, be the first of those apprentices in 50 years.

Rachelle has been at Maka HQ for a few years now and Søren has come to us fresh from school, with a wealth of knowledge in pattern making and fashion.You may have even seen us in the local Sørell paper a few times, or even heard Rachelle talking about it on ABC radio.


We have also been lucky enough to be able to travel around Australia this year, from Hobart to Toowoomba, from Melbourne to Sydney.

You may have seen us at the Brisbane BBQ Fest, 2021, Meatstock, this past weekend at the World Food Championships, where two of the champions were sporting Maka leather knife rolls.



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